I‘m back.  I’ve promised myself to post at least once a week, and upload some photos of art work, share some thoughts on art, and the magic in the woods.  Because it’s on a long walk in the woods that I get my best insights and inspirations for the art.



One Response to “I’M BACK!”

  1. magicinthewoods Says:

    January, 2012. Well, that didn’t happen. I was too busy making art. I finished 2 more bookarts and completed the kitchen panels for a total of 30. Gave a few workshops, but lived more of a life of a recluse.
    Suddenly I came to the realisation that sharing the art is part of the art. I don’t do public shows anymore, and gave up on the I’net for all its’ frustrations. I can do it now. I know it’s part of the art.

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