Learn to Fly

We found this little statue in the back of a large castle in England, closed off to the public. I thought how sad that was. So I snuck in anyway, and took a few photos.

I learned so much doing this collage. It’s large, 36″ x 24″. The background is collaged papers and fabrics, the dress is a roofing compound called VIP.

I captured her beautiful smile in charcoal, but when I applied paint, I lost it. So I gessoed over the face again, reapplied the charcoal, and then explored the varnishing technique of “marouflage”.

New camera is ordered! I promise some better photos soon.


2 Responses to “Learn to Fly”

  1. JoAnn Anderson Says:

    I love this pic with the girl holding the chicken over her head!!! So good to see it again.

  2. magicinthewoods Says:

    Thanks! That chicken! It was such an odd angle but I didn’t want to “fix it”. So when people asked “what’s that thing on her head” I said “It’s a chicken. She’s teaching it how to fly”. That’s why I changed the name from Amelia to Learn to Fly.

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