Collage: Ste Jeanne de Chantal

16″ x 20″. I used to exhibit in this tiny unheated chapel. It has a graveyard built on a very steep hill overlooking the river. I always marvelled at how the dead had the best view in town.

In the bottom right I added a paper casting which I made from an old bracket. The bubbly paper I believe is from a box of chocolates, and the roof of the smaller building is a flea market find. So exciting! We found a seller who’d bought out the remaining inventory of a furniture manufacturer, specializing in detailled scrollwork for cabinet doors and drawers. I bought a shoe box full, cheap because I didn’t mind the broken bits at all.


2 Responses to “Collage: Ste Jeanne de Chantal”

  1. nakedcarlyart Says:

    Very beautiful.

  2. St. John Studios Says:

    Your collage work is so beautiful! I love love all of the pics of the book as well.

    BTW, you’re it! I got tagged in a game of blog tag, and you’re it…you can see the post about the game over our blog and find out the details. No obligation to play, but I do hope you’ll join in the fun. And what a fun way to share with everyone how much I love your blog.
    xoxo MotherDana

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