Assemblage: How much or How Little?

Assemblage has no rules, but there is an interesting challenge that artists set themselves. Just how much variety can be included in a piece? And then, the greater challenge, with how few elements can I create a work?

This the How Much one. It includes a styrofoam box, paper napkins, a shell cluster grown on tree roots (from the hurricane in Belize), a clay head, two broken lightbulbs, ornamental wire fixture, rebar wire, ribbon, wood offcuts, a dried rose, twigs, glass marbles, plastic beads, paper doily, tea and potpouri label, hand-painted and magazine papers, feather, fragments of a cutup tshirt, and a small diamond.

This is How Little. Rotted wood, 2 chunks of scrap metal, a stone, rebar wire, paint, and a pearl.


One Response to “Assemblage: How much or How Little?”

  1. cjulian01 Says:

    These two assemblages I find vey appealing. I love how you combine eclectic objects and create new objects with a mysterious beauty all their own.

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