AuthentiCity Limits

A new Bookart, ready to bind! I’m trying something new with a wooden frame as the cover. I’ll have to build a hinge of some sort, haven’t worked that part out yet.

It’s a book about my feelings of the Outsider, what Colin Wilson describes as that existential angst that overwhelms us at times, particularly artists. I usually refer to it as The City Book, and know when a page I’ve painted touches on this morbid feeling.

I love the city, but it feels as soon as I get there I need to go home. How can I feel like a stranger in a city where I’ve spent a few dozen years working and studying? Yet, sometimes I feel like I “own it”.

Page 30. Audacity. I’ve been playing with words that end in “city” that have meaning in this context of The City. It takes courage to face these fears, and it extends back to my own local area, which I then call the Wasteland (a phrase used by many local who live in the West Island, a dense suburb)

More to come…


One Response to “AuthentiCity Limits”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Love the pages!! Very expressive, art doesn’t always have to be happy and bright, and I love how the pages are darker and unusual. It is going to be a beautiful book!

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