Authenticity Limits, pages 58-59

Almost the last pages in the book, and I feel I have reconciled my ambivalent feelings of love and anxiety towards the city. The chaos is calmed, and all I have left is love and sweet memories. Of a glass of good red wine on a terrasse cafe, around the corner from where Cohen would have composed Suzanne long ago. Maybe he’ll show up one day, and I’ll sketch him, secretly.

I remember one special day when I was little, maybe 7 or 8, when my mother took me, and only me, not my sisters, into town one Sunday on the train. She was kinda crazy, the original YaYa. I had to be on my best behaviour. We went to that little church, Our Lady of the Harbor, though only some people call it that. It’s official name I’ll have to look up. I climbed to the top of the bell tower alone that day. My mother wouldn’t go, because of her spiked heels. The tower is closed now, I heard. Too dangerous. Too bad. I think I’m due a return visit, 50 yrs or so later …. and stop for a glass of wine while I sketch some views of the Old Port.

I love the city.


3 Responses to “Authenticity Limits, pages 58-59”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Love, love, love the pages!! very nice!

  2. kristaskrede Says:

    Beautiful colors!

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