AuthentiCity Limits, pages 48-49

On the left, acrylics, collage, blue stones, collage elements, including a wine label fragment and these exquisite gold etched napkins. I’ve never had quite the right dinner party where I’d set them out on the table.
On the right, Enchanting Days, is a title I cut out of a gardening magazine, when it only cost $3.00. Wow. Tho I didn’t intend to, Never Quite Eden disenchants that dream. I was listening to the song of that title, by Heather Dale, a great Canadian troubadour.


One Response to “AuthentiCity Limits, pages 48-49”

  1. boomerontario Says:

    Well I really like the work, but I especially appreciate the introduction to Heather Dale. I went and listened to Never Quite Eden, love the music. Thank you.

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