Plein Air at Cap St Jacques

The best Plein Air of the year! Beautiful weather, great site, 25 to 30 fabulous art spirits, laughter, hugs, and some great paintings too.
Some artists painted the beach, or the little cottage on the point. Most were attracted to the Chateau with all it’s odd angles and sharp shadows. It was sketched, or photographed , painted in oil, acrylics, oil bars, or watercolour.

Mine got very colourful. Actually, it’s because I usually start a painting by blocking in thin washes of liquid acrylics, intending to come in later with more “stone colours”. But I ran out of time with all the excitement and people seemed to like it this way better. okay….



4 Responses to “Plein Air at Cap St Jacques”

  1. betinaj Says:

    What a beautiful setting. Agree, your piece is perfect as is…wonderful 🙂

  2. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Awesome painting! Nice job!

  3. kevincameronartist Says:

    very beautiful!

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