Plein Air Baie D’Urfe

They predicted rain and even t-storms, but “never on Tuesday” is our motto. Sure enough we woke up to beautiful weather and headed down. We scooted out just as it began to rain. But we had the whole morning and time enough to finish. About 30 artists again, but half were out for the first time this year.

This is the scene most people chose. Lots of boats and open water.

Others chose the elegant town hall, with it’s architectural interest points. This is the scene that said ” aha!” to me. I love lampposts in gardens and cottages on the water.

I took out the big tree in the middle, and one day I will finish the boat and add a bit more shape to the foreground. Boats keep moving in a circle, but eventually they come back to the spot I started. Luckily it’s small enough I can fake it.


4 Responses to “Plein Air Baie D’Urfe”

  1. Sandy Coleman Says:

    What a lovely interpretation of this. I love the colors and the mood. I’m always in awe of artists who can do this type of work outdoors.

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      Thank you! Yes, painting outdoors is a challenge. From being “out in public”, to what supplies to bring, to changing shadows, and bugs, there’s a lot juggle!

  2. JoAnn Anderson Says:

    So pretty and romantic! I want to be there.

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