Pitfield Re-invented

In mid-May on a day forecasting rain, I was the only one to show up at Plein Air. Sigh. Of course it didn’t rain until I got home, but still, it’s no fun being alone and the painting was …meh … Then yesterday, just as I was intending to paint the picket fence, I popped into the studio to dig up some old brushes and rags, and alas, got waylaid by this sad little painting. So I perked it up a bit!

That transparent orange was a stroke of luck. The camera doesn’t pick up that quality of “stained glass” transparency that I love. Years ago, I was given a full set of very old printers’ inks that are lightfast and glorious colors, but not waterproof. They get “lost” in mixed media, so I haven’t used them very often. Then yesterday I thought I’d see what happened if I used a Golden medium – GAC 100. Yeah, what a find!

So today I put a few hours on the picket fence…


2 Responses to “Pitfield Re-invented”

  1. The Sprightly Writer Says:

    I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork. 🙂

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