Plein Air – Ile de la Visitation

3 Different moods and styles of the same view over 7 years.

The first one is the oldest, and the more “finished” one for a painting intended to show. It’s an old watermill in ruins and the little cafe-terrace is a wonderful lunch spot, while watching the night heron eat his lunch.

This second one is from last year. I find that working in bookarts, or art journals, gives me the freedom to be more painterly” and less finished.

This next one is from this week, and suddenly the scene has become overgrown. But I could still see the same night heron! Only he didn’t stay very long this time, tho we stayed for lunch. $10.50 for a small glass of wine! Sheesh. The Gaspacho soup was just perfect. It was so hot I was tempted to sit in the stream and ask that they hand me down my lunch.


One Response to “Plein Air – Ile de la Visitation”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Wonderful paintings! I love to see how a place changes over time 🙂

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