The Auction House

Luckily I took a fast photo of this painting before I dashed out of the house with it. I never saw it again, nor knew who bought it. I was asked by a friend to make a painting to be auctioned at a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. I hesitated, because my work does not really appeal to all crowds and there was not much time. But I had coincidentally won a door prize recently at an art shop of a canvas and lacquered pink double-square frame so I figured it was meant to be! It was a hectic night at a crowded venue, and the auction was wild, and unfortunately my painting was yet to be auctioned and it was way past bedtime. I couldn’t stay any longer. By the time I called my friend a week later, she no longer knew how to get in touch with the organisers and so I never knew who bought it, nor what it sold for. sigh…. All for a good cause…


3 Responses to “The Auction House”

  1. betinaj Says:

    A beautiful piece. I agree, it was meant to be and for such a great cause. I work with breast cancer survivors, so I applaud your donation of your art!

  2. Elena Caravela Says:

    A magical piece.

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