Plein Air – Coteau du Lac

We were about 20 artists yesterday in a heritage park west of Montreal. The rapids were the main attraction, herons posing for us the entire day. But I was strangely caught by the view on the other side. This house, although new, evoked something old, a feeling of deja vu, a distant memory. As I painted it, I couldn’t shake the feeling. Someone said it made her think of Lyonel Feininger, an Expressionist of the Bauhaus movement. I’d seen his collection at the museum earlier this year and bought the book. I just looked through it, and tho I don’t see the style here, there is a feeling that it was a painting of the same era. Odd.



4 Responses to “Plein Air – Coteau du Lac”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Great painting!!

  2. Linda Denis Says:

    I am so glad you directed me here so I can follow your weekly plein air outings. Thank you for your dedication to this group over the last 18 years.
    So is it true, the Coteau du Lac park is closing after this year due to the federal budget cuts?

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      18 years, wow! I still can’t believe that. You’ve been coming with us since the early days, right? No, I didn’t hear anything about it closing. I hope not. But it is a federally run park, and they can be nasty.

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