Away and Unplugged

Sigh…. no time for posts, too busy getting ready for camping, and then away for 6 days, leaving all my computer behind. I will however bring a good stash of art supplies and hopefully have new work to post when I return. Thanks for all your beautiful comments and encouraging “likes”.



5 Responses to “Away and Unplugged”

  1. kevincameronartist Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be inspired and have a fresh new outlook afterward.

  2. pisstkitty Says:

    have a lovely, relaxing, rejuvenating time.

  3. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Sounds like funn, enjoy!!

  4. ajupstate Says:

    I can’t wait for you to come back. I need and I’m counting on you, I love your work 🙂 Have a wonderful time away!

  5. betinaj Says:

    Enjoy your time away.

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