Centre Laval, a year apart

A great summer day, last year at the Centre Laval. An enchanting garden and pond. The swan stayed with us the whole time, though I felt I was working on too small a page to do him justice. I could also have painted John who was in the gazebo painting the view from there. But I prefer the look of stillness when the painting is is void of people and animals.

This year, everyone wanted to go back to the same spot, including me. But I didn’t feel like painting the same scene, so I moved my head a bit to the right and saw this interesting sunlit sweep of land. Seeing that it was quite a simple scene, I thought I’d do a bit more with colour, and even a bit of collage and stamping. There’s a surface texture on this one made with gel medium. Because I work in book arts, these pages will be bound together one day. When I like one side and fear that saturating colours will stain through to the other side, I apply a coat of clear gel gloss before going out.


One Response to “Centre Laval, a year apart”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Beautiful paintings!

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