Moulin Hills

When assembling pages for the new book, I work quickly, matching pairs that seem to go together. Only later will I think about how or why I did that. Colour palette, true, there is resonance between these two. Technique? Not at all. The left one started out as a plein air painting, but needed some tweaking when I got home. And then some more …. While the one on the right is a leftover from a cut up full sheet of abstract painting that I’d brought to a workshop for the participants to cut into card size. They both say landscape to me, the same quirky mood, the same atmosphere, in fact, the same location.


4 Responses to “Moulin Hills”

  1. betinaj Says:

    Wonderful…always enjoy your work as well as your blog posts.

  2. Joey Says:

    I see 2 girls with big flowery hats chatting away. One wearing sunglasses. I love and really enjoy your work.

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