Book of Days -Terrebonne


A new bookart on the way… from an old day book which I never filled in past January. I don’t recall which year. On January 19th, I wrote “Power Failure”. Right, like this is Canada. I don’t recall a year in January where we didn’t have a power failure. But I do remember one day in Terrebonne, the first time I went there, taking my mother out for a country drive and a lunch in a little outdoor bistro. There’s a beautiful park, and this heritage home is an art museum now. We promised ourselves we’d take my father there, he’d love it. But he never made it. He died a few weeks later. Yet I remember that day as a good day, not a sad day. That one came later. SO I think this book is going to be about those odd little cherished days. Not the Big Days.


5 Responses to “Book of Days -Terrebonne”

  1. elenacaravela Says:

    Very beautiful and full of magic.

  2. kittyisnotamused Says:


  3. betinaj Says:

    How wonderful. Beautiful to honor the small graces that touch our lives and to cherish those moments. Such a touching story, thank you for sharing.

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