Plein Air – Beauty Bound – finished!


The book is finished! I got out my saw and hammer and nails to finish off the cover with a good hinge so that most of the pages open flat. It’s a good solid structure that can stand upright on the shelf. The spine is finished in suedene. One the words “wild garden” appear on the cover. I wrote the title page Beauty Bound on the first opening page.


4 Responses to “Plein Air – Beauty Bound – finished!”

  1. pisstkitty Says:

    congratulations! would love to see more details of the binding. I’m now inspired to go finish some things too.
    : )

  2. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Looks great! I’ve never tried hinges on handmade book covers, I love how they look

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      The hinges are from the hardware store. But I also used heavy gel medium to glue them, and had to use my Dremel cutter to cut the nails .

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