Beauty Bound Binding

Here’s a few details on how I bound this bookart.


I work on Aquarius II watercolor paper, or Opus Printmaking paper usually. (This example is from an unfinished book and painted on Tyvek.) Then I select pages that seem to go together, and glue them two by two, about 1/4 inch apart.


Close up. I use good ribbon or lace, testing it first that it cannot tear, in any direction. I use Golden’s Gel Gloss medium as my glue. Here I’m using a transparent ribbon, but I have used gold or white lace, which is quite pretty.


This book is made of 16 folios, that is 32 sheets glued 2 x 2, which gives me 64 watercolour paintings plus 4 on wood on the front and back covers. I gather them up, clamp them and sew them through the 16 ribbons. I use bookbinder’s thread or embroidery floss. I don’t pull the threads tight, just the width of the collected pages.

In this book, I used 1″ pine wood to create a solid spine, covered it with suedine, leaving a 1/2″ material overlapping which I glued onto the front and the last page. Then glued and nailed down the front and back cover. Now I wish I had also built a hinge on the book too so the pages open flatter. This is the first time I’ve added wood to the spine. On others I’ve left the threads showing and glued the front and back pages to the wooden covers. My favourite is the one which I glued a linen strip to the back spine to cover the threads.


2 Responses to “Beauty Bound Binding”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    I’ve never bound a book like this before, but it looks like fun, I might have to try it! I usually use copic binding, sewing the signature to the covers and leaving the spine show, but it often feels like it needs more. The way that you’ve done t gives is a more polished look I think.

  2. pisstkitty Says:

    That’s great. Thanks for the details and information, it’s inspiring.

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