The First Eco-Warriors were Artists!

The First Eco-Warriors: Artists!

The First Eco-Warriors: Artists!

Yesterday, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, I saw a fabulous show on the Impressionists. And I came away enchanted as always. But I learned something new about these amazing artists and how much we owe to them. Their style, subject matter, their breaking away from the “authority” of the Art community, with non-narrative art which no longer had to include religious themes. Two curated comments I retained especially:
. The Impressionists were devoted Plein Air painters, but not simply by “copying” nature. They sought the feeling of the immanent life world. It is what I strive for. Monet’s painting “Impression: Sunset” which was featured in their first show (?) provoked the appellation “Impressionist painter”, a term of derision in fact.
.They were laughed at for just painting a tree. A tree? Where’s the Important People, the story, the merit, the moral? Yes, just a tree. They loved their trees so much in fact that they went out to bat for them, and overturned the on-coming destruction of the big oaks and magnificent trees in the Fountainbleu outside Paris. They claimed in outrage that would have nothing left to paint if the mighty trees were cut. And they won. And so we have our first Eco-warriors! Not the scientists, but the artists we have to thank.

And so I paint trees. And wonder how my painting of a tree or two could possibly affect the on-coming disaster.


One Response to “The First Eco-Warriors were Artists!”

  1. ajupstate Says:

    So brilliant. Only you could see that!

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