A Dress Book

A Dress Book

What to do with old Address Books. Alter them and repurpose them. This one in fact was never even used and I doubt now I ever will need to use it. I’ve set it in the back of an old stretch canvas. The wire hanger I made of rebar wire, which I often use in assemblages to overcome the problem of balancing uneven weights on each side.


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7 Responses to “A Dress Book”

  1. elteee Says:

    What a fabulous way to recycle and to rename it. Love it!

  2. clisette Says:

    I am so drawn to this piece! The clever use of the address book title, the use if the back of a canvas as a shadowbox effect for framing, the neutral/gold colors and the amazing texture. Loving all of it!

  3. Audie Jean Says:

    Hey, Linda,
    I wondered if this was you when I first saw it. I like what you do!

  4. Branwen Says:

    You are brilliant!

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