A Good Day, A Magical Day

A Good Day, A Magical Day

A good day for me would be a plein air day, a sunny day, a good subject to paint. A magical day would be that same day, but something oddly interesting and magical happened while I was painting. I didn’t paint this outdoors, but I can see the influence of all those good days. Especially on a cold damp January Wednesday.


4 Responses to “A Good Day, A Magical Day”

  1. kittyisnotamused Says:

    The pages look very free, and I like them both!

  2. Sarah Robinson Says:

    It has been such a treat to discover your blog and all the themes and warm, inviting work and words within… you have truly created a creative space here, love your work, as always. Keep it up, such an enriched and encouraging place. Thanks!

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