Like A Moth

House Blessing

I’m not sure if this is a moth, but it looks like one. And like a moth, it’s drawn to the flame lighting the little cottage. As I am drawn to anything shiny.
One weekend I was exhibiting my work in a lovely gallery in the small village of Vankleek Hill in Ontario. I may have shown this painting, or one like it, using papers, paint, cloth, lace, ephemera. A lady came up to examine it very closely and got very excited, asking if I was going to be here all day. I said yes and she said “Good, I’m coming back. I have something for you”. Hours later she came back, carrying a large grocery bag, and handed it to me with a big grin. I opened it to find the largest stash of fine laces and ribbons and exquisite pieces of material. Her hobby was sewing fine clothing and this was her collection of scraps which she was loathe to throw out. What a thrill! I had so much fun over the years rifling through that bag, always finding something just perfect for my latest work.
This happens a lot when you work in mixed media and collage. I’ve had people give me piles of wrapping paper, leftover fine papers, buttons and treasures, and magazines. My favourite was a stash of Victoria magazines. I find their photography very subtle and exquisite. Eventually I even had to put a stop to the donations because I don’t have enough room … tho sometimes, I just can’t say no.


One Response to “Like A Moth”

  1. apaperbear Says:

    I love the line work in this piece!

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