The Madder Tea Party


I think my tea party is even madder than the mad hatter’s. Crazy floating heads and things that just won’t stay where I put them, or show up when I have no recollection of putting them there. But the view is great and the tea is hot.
I bought a cheap frame and regretted it, so one day I went a bit mad and added some paint to the frame. Only later did I realize the symbolism of the checkerboard. It often happens that way.


3 Responses to “The Madder Tea Party”

  1. pisstkitty Says:

    great look with the frame.

  2. artsynaturenut Says:

    Oh so cool! Your works always look so textural–just wondering what different types of materials you use>

  3. magicinthewoods Says:

    Oh, just noticed the comment, artsynaturenut! Sorry. In this piece I used a lot of wrapping paper and cloth scraps, some twine and then acrylic paints and mediums. I used the back of an old foam tile to stamp that pattern of dots you see. The gold on the frame looks like gold leaf, but it’s Golden Iridescent gold painting on a deep orange color which makes it stand out so much.

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