Watch Tower


Paper napkins and wrapping paper. That’s what 90% of this collage is made of. The most beautiful patterns and papers in the leftover junk of our world. I could have called it The Party.
Instead I called it the Watch Tower, as a pun I suppose. Is she watching the towers? Or do those towers have windows that seem to be watching us? She’s looking closer at the reflection of the towers in the water, though, caught by a movement on the surface after the fish leaped out. Water acts like a true mirror, she knows. Perhaps now she sees the towers as they really are, alive.


8 Responses to “Watch Tower”

  1. elenacaravela Says:

    Beautifully magical!

  2. marge cadaret Says:

    You must have a great collection of napkins and wrapping paper. So detailed–nice!

  3. kittyisnotamused Says:

    Very beautiful work!

  4. joeart27 Says:

    Beautiful. You bring random elements together so effortlessly. There are no “orphans”! Truly an artists gift. I love your work!

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