Double Focus


The first one posed a problem. Looks like I have two focal points competing. I see both Stardust on her unicorn and the cottage. And they are competing for attention. I could fix it by painting a thin glaze over her. That would also bring more attention to the angel with her fiddle on the left. Although I do like how the temple garden has become a roof for the cottage. So I don’t want to touch that. But I like the idea that the heroine is coming home. So I grabbed some translucent voile and tacked it down on top of her but not glued down. I left it hinged at the top. That’s what happens when I can’t make a decision….


4 Responses to “Double Focus”

  1. pisstkitty Says:

    I find the version with the voile actually draws the eye more to that space and divides the left and right sections. The top version seems to have more flow: you look at the figure on the unicorn and because of color similarity also the temple, then back in the direction with the unicorn and to the figure on the left. Then it circles down to the orange section…just my 2 cents.

  2. magicinthewoods Says:

    Great observation! Thanks for seeing that. I think you are right, and that’s likely why I hesitated making such a permanent correction.

  3. artsynaturenut Says:

    Although the voile does add a bit of mystery to it. Very interesting collage elements.

  4. magicinthewoods Says:

    Thanks! I’ll keep both versions. Because it’s a bookart, readers will automatically be drawn to lift it when they see that it’s only glued at the top.

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