I was so Faraway!

So Faraway in Connecticut.

So Faraway from my usual art style.

Faraway in a delicious art workshop, with Lynne Perrella and Michelle Ward.

Called Faraway Places.

We explored new techniques, like painting toner copies, stencils, grids, portfolio oil bars.

The Banner size (11″ x 36″) was a challenge, but I love the “storyboard” effect.


8 Responses to “Faraway”

  1. ajupstate Says:

    Very different for you and I can still see your particular style. I love it! How will you frame it?

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      Thank you! I could frame it under glass, or simply tack it with pins in the corner. It’s done on heavy paper with layers of gesso front and back, so it’s quite sturdy. Lynne Perrella often leaves hers unframed.

  2. elenacaravela Says:

    I adore the color and all over pattern!

  3. betina johnson Says:

    Love this, it feels almost like several small paintings within one…images are beautiful. Your creative spirit is amazing!

  4. apaperbear Says:

    This is a wonderful spread! Lucky you to take classes with Lynne and Michelle!

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