Mill Ruins


Ile de la Visitation, Ahuntsic. While on the subject of ruins reclaimed by nature, there is a park here that was built around an abandonned mill. They’ve left the crumbling ruins as is for the most part, and built observation walks around them, which I think is very cool, because the section of river that was dammed to flow faster through the mill wheels was eventually taken over by wildlife. The crumbling stones became stages for the night heron to go fishing from, and I’ve seen muskrat, perhaps an otter, revelling in the whirlpool baths. There’s a small bistro terrace where I like to watch the action and think about these things over a glass of wine, after I paint.


2 Responses to “Mill Ruins”

  1. pisstkitty Says:

    that sounds so lovely, perfect for rumination and celebration of a day spent creating.

  2. linda denis Says:

    Many thanks for the plein air sketching this past tuesday. St. Eustache is a gem. I enjoyed sketching the moulin but saw many other older building, homes and the church as I left. For sure I will back this summer.

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