Where trees walk in

Where trees walk in

I’ve missed my blogging! A few overly dramatic weeks cut into my favourite things. So now, except for a few visits to the physiotherapist (from the last drama), I’m clearing the time for some catch up.

It felt, when I had finished this page, that the trees were stirring and heading for that door. There’s a story here, but maybe it’s just for the trees to share with each other.

I used a few of my new hand cut stencils, paint skins and painted rice paper fragments, and a lace doily


6 Responses to “Where trees walk in”

  1. lindadenis Says:

    Too much drama, so sad to hear it was not kind to you Thanks for the image it reminds me of our last plein air at Cap St. Jacque. We miss the tuesday paint outs that were all planned for us. Just show up and set up. So easy.

  2. Rachel Urista Says:

    Love how observant and in tune you are with the trees…Inspiring me to share more of my pages. Sorry to hear of drama. Keep on creating!

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Oh yes, the trees are moving! In fact, this scene brings to mind the trees that threw apples in “The Wizard of Oz”! I like to hug trees and hope that these are really that kind. 🙂

  4. elenacaravela Says:

    Magical. Well done!

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