Ready-built cabin




An interesting  technique that turned out quite enchanting! I enjoy painting and collage without any thought of what will become of it.  When I felt it was ready, I saw that there was a good atmosphere here for a cabin with dappling sunlight coming from all directions. I “built” the cabin from only 4 collage papers from an old Town and Country magazine, looking for light passages that would mimic that feeling of bouncing lights. It never even required any “finishing” details like doors or windows, yet it feels like I did a lot of work on it.


5 Responses to “Ready-built cabin”

  1. geoff drewry Says:

    great collage.
    love geoff

  2. elenacaravela Says:

    Looks great!

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    This is gorgeous! Have you learned about citra-solv collage, yet? The papers you chose look like papers treated with citra-solv. Here is the link to the artist site: The papers are easy to make and thought you might like to check it out.

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      Thanks! I haven’t used citrasolv yet, although a friend gave me a few papers she’d made from a Ntl Geographic magazine. The papers in this collage are from a Christmas issue of a Victoria magazine, a close up of tree lights. I’ll save the link you sent and try it one day, thanks!

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