Black Tower




16 x12. Collage on card. This one came about as a strange development of a smaller collage placed in a frame, which then grew with more collage. There’s a lot of natural elements here – twig, bark, wasp nest “paper”, dried flowers, maple “whirlybirds” (as we used to call the seeds), wood, and mulberry paper. I’ve worked on it over the years, still not sure if it’s “finished”. It has a haunting quality that always catches my eye when I pass by it. I used some sparkles and gold threads, interference paints and relief paints, so depending on the way the light hits it, it can change a lot.


3 Responses to “Black Tower”

  1. Linda Denis Says:

    Yes, we all have unfinished pieces that are waiting to be completed. I guess when they quit talking to us it time to recycle them.

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    This is so interesting. It is like the gift that keeps on giving! I really admire your collage work!

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