Maison Chenier Sauve


Ah! A summer painting, a great time to start blogging this book. I have to go out into the cold and wind to shovel as soon as I finish this.

We were painting en Plein Air and I recall it was a blazing hot day. I found a spot in front of the beautiful old house, which I’ve painted before. It might show up in these blogs one day.

The church in the background has a famous story with a twist: a soldier accidentally set off a shot and a great war was won. It’s a lot quieter now in a sleepy town on the north shore of Montreal.

The writing is an extract from the program that I send around to the Plein Air Club. On the left is an old label from a Poire William eau-de-vie, a great drink on ice and a splash of water for a hot summer day.


2 Responses to “Maison Chenier Sauve”

  1. Linda Denis Says:

    Ok. Linda. Is this when we went to Ile aux Moulins. I am looking in my sketch book and see a similar church steeple but this is the only similarity.
    You found the best sketching spots, so hope you are in for 2014.

    • magicinthewoods Says:

      Same church. Good call, Linda! But this is from a house further down the street from the Moulin, just where that little river joins the Mille Isles river. We should go back there next year!

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