Baie D’Urfe yacht club




Dreaming of summer on this snowy overcast day.

I left this one a bit sketchy. I seem to recall it was a very hot day, and there was a great lunch waiting for us at the yacht club, and I was the only one left outdoors painting.  So I left it as is. I know that when I rush to finish something, that’s when I ruin it.

What I love about Plein Air is that no matter how happy (or not) I am with the painting, I always remember the day and the wonderful feeling of sunshine and fresh air and that special magic of being outside painting with kindred spirits.

This is going to be our 20th year as the Plein Air Club!


6 Responses to “Baie D’Urfe yacht club”

  1. Junquemail Contessa (Casey Nelson) Says:

    It’s beautiful. stunning colors.

  2. Bebe Butler Says:

    gorgeous scene…I love the hues and the mood of the piece

  3. karen Says:

    This is really beautiful!

  4. magicinthewoods Says:

    Thank you, Karen!

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