The Treehouse Book is Bound



How many years? Some of the pages date back 5 years or more. 112 pages, or 56 sheets. Most of them Aquarius II watercolor paper, some Opus printmaking paper, and some Tyvek plastic paper. The covers are luann board and the spine is black moire silk.

The theme of Treehouse is not so much structures built in trees (though I do love them), but a continuation of a theme of the Cottage in the Woods, the name I have given my magical practice. I have completed 7 or 8 books on this theme alone. Trees figure highly in my studies.


10 Responses to “The Treehouse Book is Bound”

  1. Linda Denis Says:

    Completed, ready to rest on a table and be looked at in one sitting. A lot of time, work and enjoyment. Congratulation !

  2. artsynaturenut Says:

    Would love to sit with a cup of tea and slowly turn the pages enjoying each and every page! Great accomplishment!

  3. magicinthewoods Says:

    Thank you.

  4. kittyisnotamused Says:

    It’s wonderful that you were able to finally bind you pages into a book! Looks great!

  5. magicinthewoods Says:


  6. clinock Says:

    Hello Magic, nice to meet you and thank you for being such a faithful supporter of Art Rat Cafe, very much appreciated. I have strolled through some of your posts and really like what you are doing with altered books and mixed media. I apologize for not commenting more but right now time is short in my life. However, I am now following you so hope to leave more comments in the future…J

  7. Patricia Lacroix Says:

    This is very beautiful ;))

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