How to photograph artwork for submission

I need this!

NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This is a great topic!  Every year we receive over 4,000 art submissions from NYC teens.  Each piece of art is judged by a panel of professional artists using the student’s digital submission – a photograph!

I’m going to take you through some quick tips to getting a clear, easy photo.  This method did not require any fancy equipment.  Anyone can take a reasonably good photo of their art with the right amount of patience.

If you have a nice camera – use that!  This example was done using an iPhone – not great, but it can get the job done.  Repeat, if you have a camera (digital or DSR) USE IT, same thing goes for if you have a tripod or even — access to a professional photography studio – use your resources!

Find a flat, uniform surface, that has access to good lighting. For example: a wall!  I used a…

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