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The Treehouse Book is Bound

April 5, 2014



How many years? Some of the pages date back 5 years or more. 112 pages, or 56 sheets. Most of them Aquarius II watercolor paper, some Opus printmaking paper, and some Tyvek plastic paper. The covers are luann board and the spine is black moire silk.

The theme of Treehouse is not so much structures built in trees (though I do love them), but a continuation of a theme of the Cottage in the Woods, the name I have given my magical practice. I have completed 7 or 8 books on this theme alone. Trees figure highly in my studies.


Mill Ruins

May 29, 2013


Ile de la Visitation, Ahuntsic. While on the subject of ruins reclaimed by nature, there is a park here that was built around an abandonned mill. They’ve left the crumbling ruins as is for the most part, and built observation walks around them, which I think is very cool, because the section of river that was dammed to flow faster through the mill wheels was eventually taken over by wildlife. The crumbling stones became stages for the night heron to go fishing from, and I’ve seen muskrat, perhaps an otter, revelling in the whirlpool baths. There’s a small bistro terrace where I like to watch the action and think about these things over a glass of wine, after I paint.