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Welcome Home

July 10, 2013


After 19 years of plein air painting once a week through summer, I guess I have landscapes in my artist’s vision. This collage started out as a pure abstract, but no sooner did I put it at arm’s length from me then I saw a landscape. I added just a few lines in the lake in the background and bit of “tweaking” on the tree. Now I see those foreground shapes as a young girl with arms outstretched to a larger woman, dressed similarly, coming out of a house, saying “welcome home”. And no matter how far I venture out into abstracts, I always end up back home, in landscapes.


Bookart: Museum in the Woods, cover

February 19, 2012

Had lots of fun with this one. Inclusions add a strong dimensional element, but it’s still the “light beings” that draw all the attention.

Museum in the Woods, con’t

February 1, 2012

Extract, p.27. There’s a brooding quality throughout this book that I like. I feel cozy and safe in the woods, especially at night. That’s the Piscean dreamer in me.
There’s fabric and lace and prismacolor pencil on this page. I always remember one great trick Louise Seeking taught us: “If you’re worried about perfect perspective on a complex architectural house, hide it behind a tree.”
One example of the books in this series is up in the banner, to the far left, the Twin Flame. I like the construction of the handmade book with a hinge, so that the pages lie flat.

The Museum in the Woods, a handmade book

February 1, 2012

Extract, page 4 from a handmade book, The Museum in the Woods. This is part of a series of 4 books, along with the Cottage in the Woods, The Twin Flame and the Mystery School. Each about 40 pages, hand painted and collaged papers on Aquarius II watercolor paper, bound and sewn with woods covers.
The door opens to a fragment of a TS Eliot poem.