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Calypso’ Island House

January 24, 2014


Of all the beautiful people in Pirates of the Caribbean, I picked the witch. I’m not the bold adventurer type. It all makes me sea sick. I like the gentle shadow life, the sacred grove deep in the wood. I savoured the river scene, winding around mysterious bends, quietly paddling long sticks, disentangling dense flowering vines. I felt no danger. Calypso rules here.  I love her enchanted house up in the trees, crowded with magical herbs and symbols, candles and hearth fires, bells and wind chimes, and cowrie shells.

And she gets to keep the cute monkey.


River Sanctuary

December 17, 2013



Brrrr… minus 17 C, feels like -29C. Just came in from shovelling again and topping up the birdfeeder. Time to return to summer memories!

Not quite Plein Air, though I was outdoors, in my kayak. Alas,  without sketching material nor even a camera. But it was such a beautiful little spot, I sat and studied it until I was sure I had it memorized. When I finally got home and started to work on it, I was surprised at how much I recalled. Lucky people with their own private island in the river. Just big enough for a small footbridge and a gazebo. Very private too, the river is very rocky there and only a shallow kayak could manoeuvre around there. I felt that had to tiptoe around and leave them to their chosen sanctuary.

Maison Chenier Sauve

December 9, 2013


Ah! A summer painting, a great time to start blogging this book. I have to go out into the cold and wind to shovel as soon as I finish this.

We were painting en Plein Air and I recall it was a blazing hot day. I found a spot in front of the beautiful old house, which I’ve painted before. It might show up in these blogs one day.

The church in the background has a famous story with a twist: a soldier accidentally set off a shot and a great war was won. It’s a lot quieter now in a sleepy town on the north shore of Montreal.

The writing is an extract from the program that I send around to the Plein Air Club. On the left is an old label from a Poire William eau-de-vie, a great drink on ice and a splash of water for a hot summer day.