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Penny, the last pages

March 19, 2012

Penny pages 21, 22. I’m using an oak leaf as a stencil, and a few of my hand cut stamps. There’s an inside joke in the French line. At the writing group I belonged to, it dissolved into a lengthy argument. A lot of writers in Montreal are bilingual, and there’s nothing they love more than arguing about French grammar.

Page 23 – 24

The last page. The end! The final pages I call the “penny Collection”, small vignettes of people, animals, and places that trace a very long history and geography for one so young.

Penny, a bookart, pages 15-20

March 14, 2012

Shaggy wool. Zigsaw pieces, collage and paint. I never knew if there was such an insect as a fairy moth. But one night I saw the smallest moth, pure white, moving oddly up and down in the air. And so that’s the name I gave her.

The left hand page is covered with a thin orange gauze to soften the colours. I may have mixed up moths and butterflies,,, sigh …

The shadow image is the reverse of the image on the bottom right. After I had cut it very carefully, I placed it face down and painted outside the edges. Then added a few real feathers.

Penny, a bookart, pages 9-14

March 7, 2012

The following 3 spreads will bring us to page 14, about half way through.

This time I did use a few images from the story. That fish looked so wise. Penny’s transformations into other beings recalls the archetype of Taliesen the bard, which I later found was inspired by ancient tales from early Celtic lore.

These are my favourite colour palettes, the cooler blues and mauves.

These 2 pages are somewhat unfinished. But I never intended to show or publish the book, and so I simply stopped when I felt like it.

Penny, a bookart, pages 5 to 8

March 4, 2012

The Next Installment

Penny, pages 5 and 6. During the process of creating Penny, I tried to notice how I looked at picture books. Sometimes I only wanted to look at interesting pictures, and other times I wanted to read the story and not get too distracted by the visual images. I tried to get that here too, balancing the texts and the images.

Penny, pages 7 and 8.

Penny, A Bookart

February 29, 2012

Some years ago, a friend of mine gave me two very grungy antique photo albums, saying “Maybe you’ll have some use some them”. Hum…

I kept this one on a shelf in my studio and thought some time about what I could use it for. I knew I had to leave the cover alone. So beautiful. She reminded me of a short story I’d been working on, a kind of grungy “coming-of-age” story. The penny dropped…

Penny. It took over a year to finish. But it all came together, faster and faster and finally, I had a decorated story. My new term for a not-quite-an-illustrated story. 28 pages, which I’ll post over time. I’ve opened a Category called Penny, and sorted all my other posts in their own titles.

The pages were very brittle and stained with age, and the photos had been ripped out, with no thought to saving the frames. I refurbished them using methyl cellulose glue and collage. I found some good buff-coloured paper to print the story on, and had to fuss a lot with making them fit the square. To be con’t…