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November 19, 2014


pathwords3 001


Wordless Wednesday. Sometimes the words are silent.


The Cloak of Invisibility

April 30, 2014



How to step into the shadows and walk in the world unseen. No, I’m not running away or trying to hide from the world. Trying to be in the world, especially in the woods, that moment when I feel there is no separation between me and Nature. When I can just let my local self simmer down to silence, and then I can really see.

The Treehouse Book is Bound

April 5, 2014



How many years? Some of the pages date back 5 years or more. 112 pages, or 56 sheets. Most of them Aquarius II watercolor paper, some Opus printmaking paper, and some Tyvek plastic paper. The covers are luann board and the spine is black moire silk.

The theme of Treehouse is not so much structures built in trees (though I do love them), but a continuation of a theme of the Cottage in the Woods, the name I have given my magical practice. I have completed 7 or 8 books on this theme alone. Trees figure highly in my studies.

Binding the book

March 7, 2014



Coming to the end of a big project. What a great feeling! I don’t even want to count how many years. Now for the final chapter: Binding the book. There is cloth glued on every two pages. Then these pages are assembled and now I’m sewing through the cloths in the back. Very carefully, with a long tapestry needle and special unbreakable thread. I’m not half way through and my hand is sore, despite using pliers. Once the sewing is finished, I’ll add the hardcover front and back, then cover the sewing with cloth or wood.

Sea Goddess

February 24, 2014


A “happy accident”. I had drawn a figure quite to my liking when I came in with some finishing touches. And darn, that was not a waterproof pen! All my work became a blur and her face vanished … but wait… I sort of still like it, in a different way. After all, She is underwater. The fish and seahorse are dollar store stickers. The pale spots are interference gold, too bad they don’t photograph well.

A Faery Gift at Yule

December 26, 2013

After stopping for the night, I set up my work to dry and wait for morning to see what or if I needed to do more with it. And then I saw it, a face clear as a photo, right in the face as if I’d cut and pasted it. Nope. Wasn’t me put it there. I’m saying it’s a Season’s Greeting from Faery. Hope it’s clear enough in the blow up for you to see.



Where trees walk in

September 18, 2013

Where trees walk in

I’ve missed my blogging! A few overly dramatic weeks cut into my favourite things. So now, except for a few visits to the physiotherapist (from the last drama), I’m clearing the time for some catch up.

It felt, when I had finished this page, that the trees were stirring and heading for that door. There’s a story here, but maybe it’s just for the trees to share with each other.

I used a few of my new hand cut stencils, paint skins and painted rice paper fragments, and a lace doily

Welcome Home

July 10, 2013


After 19 years of plein air painting once a week through summer, I guess I have landscapes in my artist’s vision. This collage started out as a pure abstract, but no sooner did I put it at arm’s length from me then I saw a landscape. I added just a few lines in the lake in the background and bit of “tweaking” on the tree. Now I see those foreground shapes as a young girl with arms outstretched to a larger woman, dressed similarly, coming out of a house, saying “welcome home”. And no matter how far I venture out into abstracts, I always end up back home, in landscapes.


July 3, 2013


june72013 040

As an art journaler, I’m not very confident with using texts in a painting. Artists have traditionally shunned writing in paintings except in modern graphic applications. Any text seems to shout out advertising.

    But I love to see how others are using it so beautifully in art journaling. So I’m trying. There don’t seem to be any rules to this new art, such as less than 50% of the surface, or “obscured to the point of illegibility”. Nor has it been around long enough to have developed any conventions.

     What I have noticed is my own habits and how I look at art. Beautiful art books – sorry, I totally ignore the written word, and just look at the pictures. Important news headlines? I get distracted and irritated by a photo as my slow computer scrolls down to the text part. Yet with good art journaling, I see the text and the image at the same time. I’ve even looked at  pages almost completely covered in script and seen only a beautiful image. How do they do that?

So I’m trying.

Blue Door

June 7, 2013

june72013 041

The door was in fact an afterthought. I had a page of colour and texture and was playing around with a new stamp I had carved. I always feel I have to leave doors open, if only slightly ajar. They beckon, invite and promise a mystery beyond. I suppose I could get into a lot of trouble that way. But not if I use my head (said Alice).