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Pathwords: Bon Courage

November 28, 2014

bon courage 001

As a bilingual Anglophone in Quebec, there are words I use in either language that just don’t translate in the same spirit or intention. It isn’t unusual, therefore, for us to drop a French word or term in the middle of an English conversation, knowing the other person will catch the meaning immediately. “Bon Courage” is one of those words. I’ll use it when wishing good for someone going through an ordeal – an exam, a move, a confrontation, a medical procedure, even a bereavement. It’s more than luck, since it isn’t luck that will get you through the ordeal but your own inner reserves of courage, heart, stamina, and the work you have put into it. And when it is said to me, I go off feeling encouraged , knowing I have friends at my back, sending me good vibes.

February 10, 2012

Pages 30 and 31. I love the way altered books develop as a poetic rendering of a story. I suppose I could try to make it more linear, but it’s like a collage image, it takes on new meaning each time I look at it.

What’s The Matter, bookart

February 10, 2012

Pages 8,9