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Pathwords: Bon Courage

November 28, 2014

bon courage 001

As a bilingual Anglophone in Quebec, there are words I use in either language that just don’t translate in the same spirit or intention. It isn’t unusual, therefore, for us to drop a French word or term in the middle of an English conversation, knowing the other person will catch the meaning immediately. “Bon Courage” is one of those words. I’ll use it when wishing good for someone going through an ordeal – an exam, a move, a confrontation, a medical procedure, even a bereavement. It’s more than luck, since it isn’t luck that will get you through the ordeal but your own inner reserves of courage, heart, stamina, and the work you have put into it. And when it is said to me, I go off feeling encouraged , knowing I have friends at my back, sending me good vibes.



November 19, 2014


pathwords3 001


Wordless Wednesday. Sometimes the words are silent.


November 12, 2014


pathword1 001


I’ve started a new bookart. It’s smaller than my last ones – 11” x 9”, opening to 11″ x 18″ on double spreads. I don’t know yet if this is the opening page, but it is the first one I’ve finished. Not that I ever  “finish”. I tend to like an unfinished look, which tends to go more with the mixed media collage techniques I use. Here I have used paint, magazine cut outs, paint skin, and hand painted unryhu papers.

Ile de la Visitation, Ahuntsic

August 18, 2014



The water was still high in June to get a good flume, though there is already a good channel where the water rushes through the abandoned millworks. Only the small night heron was dining when I arrived. By lunchtime, the tables were full, and it would have been a much livelier scene if I hadn’t left my painting to join the bistro patrons.

Backpacking in my Backyard

June 9, 2014



Since my Plein Air set-up is a full studio with easel, I needed to compact it all down for days when I only have an hour for a quick painting. I got a good selection in one small pack, with mostly pens and oil bars and the delicate Unryhu  paper I love, cut to 6” x 8”. I had to test it of course before going out into the field. So I set myself up in my backyard and found a good spot by the corner of the house.  As it was, I did have to go back in to get a few more items. Now I think I have all I need. So, off to the woods! Or the Big City!


A Dress Book

January 9, 2013

A Dress Book

What to do with old Address Books. Alter them and repurpose them. This one in fact was never even used and I doubt now I ever will need to use it. I’ve set it in the back of an old stretch canvas. The wire hanger I made of rebar wire, which I often use in assemblages to overcome the problem of balancing uneven weights on each side.

A sample of my art work

January 14, 2012
A bookcase of bookarts, with a few shrines

Which one shall I zoom in first?

Attention, visitors

October 2, 2010

An 8-page letter to anonymous whoever happens by...

The Cottage in the Woods

October 1, 2010

This is the cover of a bookart I made a few years ago. The twig, used to support the sewing on the binding. The texture is a polymer paste, and the photo is one I took of a door in the South of France.

There is an envelope inside, an invitation to use the cottage in the woods for yourself, for a weekend. The key is in the corner of the door. Enjoy.

The first bookart in a series of 4 books