AuthentiCity Limits, p.57

I often wonder why the subject of houses show up in my art. Some inner workings, I’m sure. But in this case, I actually was painting what I saw. The cultural centre on Gouin Blvd (Mtl) where my art stand was facing this little cluster of buildings. Some of my best art is done in public, in a busy venue with people breathing down my back, asking sometimes very painful questions. “I guess this must be easier than real painting, eh?”. Somehow, instead of losing my nerve, I just seem to get crazier and perhaps, more defiant. Or perhaps, I’m burying myself in my art to shut out the outside world. Yet, most visitors are very enthusiastic and encouraging, and I can end up with a little crowd around me while I explain collage, the history, the technique. And yes, why it’s even harder to work with than “real paint” when you have so much less control, and you never know what’s going to happen. I like that best, when the people feel engaged with the process. I’ve even had someone run back very excitedly with a dessicated leaf she’d found on the ground and it was so beautiful, I immediately glued it to my work.


4 Responses to “AuthentiCity Limits, p.57”

  1. Carly @ True Color Says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. kevincameronartist Says:

    “I guess this must be easier than real painting, eh?” I used to get that same response when painting Christmas murals on windows. eg. “do you paint real paintings too?” Nice work…I like your blog!

  3. elteee Says:

    This is wonderful! For some reason, the huge-ness of the houses(?) in comparison to the person really resonates with me more than the small-ness of the person. More “inner workings,” to be sure. Great art!


    PS. Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

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